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The banking capital of Europe. Here in city Fribourg placed main UAB «FGT» office where all global project is managed by our team.

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The most powerful economy of the European Union. Here are concentrated the main production capacities of UAB «FGT» partners.

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A transit point for the east direction of European logistics. UAB «FGT» regional office in Vilnius is responsible for export and import of goods from the EU to CU and back.

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We are glad to present high quality medical equipment from our partners BIOTRONIK company.

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Each product presented in our catalogue has unique characteristics and provides ample opportunities in the field of vascular surgery.

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UAB «FGT» offers wide product range from the best world manufacturers of sophisticated medical equipment and consumables.

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UAB «FGT» ensures the safety of goods and timely arrival to the place of delivery in the proper form.

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Product Catalog

Product Sertification

Product Certification.

UAB «FGT» offers their client to take all the necessary actions related to certification of products in Republic of Belarus.

It is impossible to sell medical equipment on the territory of Custom Union and Republic of Belarus without corresponding certificates.

Successful passing through certification procedure is a complicated and comprehensive process, fraught with financial costs and loss of time. Thanks to us you will be able to minimize the risks associated with the procedure of passing certification registry and successfully complete it within the scheduled time frame. We offer our clients the following services:

  • Research of the legal base regarding the certification for group of goods which interest the customer.
  • Development of certification plan.
  • Provision of recommendations on optimization, reorganization (if necessary) of customers production.
  • Assistance in organization of your products testing.
  • Assistance in preparing necessary documentation for the procedure of certification in Republic of Belarus
  • Help to go through the procedure of certification in the relevant institutes in Republic of Belarus.
  • Recommendations on promotion of the goods on the markets of Customs Union.
  • Help in the recognition procedure of foreign certificates.
This is not an exhaustive list, as in the case of each client we offer an individual service package that meets your particular needs.