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The banking capital of Europe. Here in city Fribourg placed main UAB «FGT» office where all global project is managed by our team.

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The most powerful economy of the European Union. Here are concentrated the main production capacities of UAB «FGT» partners.

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A transit point for the east direction of European logistics. UAB «FGT» regional office in Vilnius is responsible for export and import of goods from the EU to CU and back.

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We are glad to present high quality medical equipment from our partners BIOTRONIK company.

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Each product presented in our catalogue has unique characteristics and provides ample opportunities in the field of vascular surgery.

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UAB «FGT» offers wide product range from the best world manufacturers of sophisticated medical equipment and consumables.

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UAB «FGT» ensures the safety of goods and timely arrival to the place of delivery in the proper form.

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Product Catalog

About us.

UAB «FGT» was formed in 2003. Since company founding we succeeded in creating of an efficient business model which allows us to promote our products on international level. Thanks to this model currently UAB «FGT» is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in Baltic and Eastern Europe regions. We are pleased to provide to our customers full range of services necessary for successful international business project.

We started our activity in the first half of the new Millennium. On our own experience we faced a number of fundamental problems which hinder promotion of goods and services on the international market. Base on years of experience, we managed to develop a successful scheme to promote business abroad. We are open to cooperation and ready to share our experience with you. Today UAB «FGT» is part of the consolidated business project, which is headed by the company T&T Trading S.A.

Our successful expansion on the European market would not have been possible without a cohesive team, which includes professionals who perfectly orients in different areas of international business. Thanks to our managers, for more than ten years of the company history we have implemented huge amount of export and import projects, have established relationships in the European banking community, have established partnership relations with the best lawyers within the EU and the Customs Union, and have mastered the subtleties of consular departments work in most European countries.

Proved to be a reliable partner UAB «FGT», successfully and productively cooperates with many foreign companies, among which are T&T Trading S. A.,Biotronik SE, Admeco AG.

We've tried a large number of alternatives and can confidently offer you solutions that will help to avoid excessive costs and yield positive results for your business in the shortest time. To our clients we are pleased to provide the following services: 

  • Sale of Medical equipment (vascular surgery, cardio stents, and other).
  • Logistics.
  • International investment projects in the medical sector.                                                                
  • Bank consulting.   
  • Legal consultation.
  • Product certification in republic of Belarus.
  • Business migration.
  • Web sites development.
  • Consolidated business projects 
We have helped many of our clients reach a qualitatively new level of realization of their goods and services abroad. The company UAB «FGT» always glad to mutually advantageous cooperation and appreciate each client. That is why working with us is a unique opportunity to secure your business and avoid the pitfalls which are so many in the framework of international trade.